Sunday, May 16, 2010


Just felt like blogging about this because i guess i felt like getting it typed out and also because it's a pretty significant thing to me.
I've been in KL for 2 weeks now, and in this 2 weeks attended 2 services,a prayer meeting and 2 cell group meetings at Harvest Generation in Usj 11 and 2 services, 2 prayer meetings, and a campus revo meeting at ACts church , 2nd floor Summit.
Anyways, been in a bit of a dilemma, couldn't seem to quite Decide which church I should go too and stick with . So what did i do? Oh well, u know ,. the Obvious that Christians usually do when in Dilemma about something, Pray and ask God for guidance. So i've was pretty worried about this, and quite impatient to Know which I'd be grounded in. Looking back it was only a couple of weeks of indecision (2 weeks to be exact), but it seemed long enough !!
Today I've got my answer. I know which it will be. Thanks to God for not keeping me on tenterhooks too long.
You know, even after I got it today during service, I still wasn't entirely sure so i did Ask God somemore! "Is this the right decision? is this right?> is this from you God ? " or other such similiar words.And then remembered something I heard from last week's sermon:>> "Faith believes that something good is going to take place but fear dictates that you will make a wrong decision". So I choose to believe this, that this decision is Right and something Good is going to come out of it. =)
Am looking forward to doing this, I think its time I left of Milk and started on Meat. I'm Excited!! Wish me well, I'm DESPERATE for growth and Desperate for change and movement. And there are a few "Personal Miracles" that I'm praying for. =D
Again, I believe and i will keep praying even if it seems its taking a long time for them to come true.

Monday, May 3, 2010

*screams* is that BLOOD????

I was in the toilet doing my everyday morning business, and i looked down and i saw that "It" was entirely pUrpLish PINk!! no kidding. even the toilet bowl was purplish pink. Just for a second, I was stricken by that irrational fear that everyone has of being stricken by an unusual terminal illness. but then it dawned upon me that i might have eaten abit too much dragon fruit last night.

Priorities List

MOst people go through parts of their life when the 'the going gets tough and the tough gets going'. don't you? if u haven't you probably will. What I've decided to remember to do is to press my Pause button and look at my Life priorities list. i think sometimes along the way one forgets whats supposed to be at the top of that list. Losing focus is losing time, and as everyone knows time is something you can't get back.

This is my new blog

i've been wanting to shut down my old obsolete friendster blog for a really long time to start a new one with blogspot. Unfortunately the internet connection at home has been terrible after switching packages and it made blogging practically impossible. So finally, here's my new blog, and the previous entries before this have all been extracted from my previous friendster blog.

So as most of my friends would know, I live in KL now . Just moved here on sunday leaviNG home in Ipoh empty .
( dad's working in bidor n my mum's in europe for the next couple of weeks.)

Terrored by Terror For terroR

In the newspaper today (30th September 2009, an article with the headlines ‘Terrorist cased Jakarta hotels before bombing’ caught my attention. “What now?” I said to my mother, shaking my head.

“Aiyor Terrorist again? These terrorist darn Terrifying lah, nothing better to do is it?”

Just some background info on why Islam Terrorists are Terrorist. They believe that the Jihad (holy war) is a command to all Muslims enforced by the Quran. The focus is to overcome people who do not accept Islam. Islam is a religion of works. Dying in jihad is a great honor, and it is the only way a Muslim is assured of entering Paradise at all. This is why you see Muslims leaving their own nations to fight jihad in other countries. Jihad is the motivation behind almost every act of terrorism done in the name of Islam.

IF this is what happens when a man believes in a God and becomes so piously religious, I think we’d be better of if the whole bunch were hard-core atheist instead.

‘In one of the video, the 2 bombers, Dani Dwi Permana,18, and Nana Ikhwan Maulana, 28,…..etc etc ’

“What?” I exclaim, “This Dani guy was just 18!!”

*Note the ‘was’ used in the sentence. On july 17th, Dani and Nana were behind the twin suicide hotel bombings which killed several people. After such a deliberate attempt at JIHAD obviously these 2 people are dead and gone. To where? I leave that to the reader to conclude.

That poor deluded 18-year old Fool..,.

A lot of words could be used to describe suicide bombers. Decieved, deluded, violent, stupid and Brave are among the chief words that occur to me at the moment. Yes, Brave. That was no typing error. It takes a lot of faith and courage to decide to die for what you believe in Voluntarily. These people literally decided to themselves >>

“Okay I’m going to Die next month because that’s what my religious leaders say I should do and because the Quran says that I should go make a jihad War. Heaven here I come!! ”

Dumb maybe, incredibly INSane AND selfish probably but in way, they deserve to be admired because Despite all that was wrong with them no on can say they weren’t brave or weren’t willing to sacrifice OR that their faith wasn’t strong.

Now on the other hand,

Sutini, ibunda Dani Dwi Permana, tersangka pelaku bom bunuh diri, mengutuk mereka yang telah merekrut anaknya sebagai pelaku bom bunuh diri.

“Sebenarnya yang merekrut anak saya adalah pengecut,” ujarnya sebelum mengantar jenazah anaknya di Instalasi Kamar Jenazah RS Polri, Kramatjati, Jakarta Timur, Rabu siang. (extracted from


Sutini, Mother of Dani Dwi permanda criticizes those who recruited her son as a suicide bomber. “The truth is they that recruited my son are cowards,” she exclaims & etc etc.

-(My sentiments exactly.)-

Ps : Pray for these people, because I believe that these very suicide bombers might have made very good Christians.

could u be a Nice person??

I just HAVE to do this.

I want to get something of my chest.

Today, somebody (lEts name this Person AnONYmous) asked me

“so what are you Doing now?”

And I jokingly answered “I’m being a nice person!”

Anonymous thus answered “No, u can never be a nice person! because we’re all sinful people”.

I was frankly taken aback not to mention Intimidated by this response to what had been an innocent comment and joke on my part. Furthermore, like most jokes, it DID Have a grain of truth in it as I really do Intend and Try to be/become as nice a person as I can be!

I then responded with something like “Yes but Jesus Died on the cROSS for me didn’t he?! And so I’ve been redeemed by his grace!and no longer bear the weight of my sins! ”

Anonymous decided to counter this remark by “Still we are still sinners even after he Died for us and we can’t say that we’re all uplifted and free now”

“ wELL, v r CLEANSED sinners,” I say.

“BUT , we are STILL SINNERS,” Anonymous says.

I End this most Peculiar conversation by saying confidently that “whatever it is I know that because of Jesus I’m saved and that if I died tomorrow I know that I’ll be going to meet Him in Heaven because of His mercy and Grace.”.

Anonymous of course doesn’t argue with that so he nods and this is where the people around us intercede into the conversation with a

“AIYOR u guys!! enough debating lah”

Somehow I’m not happy with this conversation. Till now it just keeps recurring in my mind. Which is why I’m blogging about it , to get it out of my system. I don’t like it at all!!! There;s something wrong about it. I’m pretty sure that whoever is reading this will FEEL that indeed, there is something Not right about this conversation. I can’t quite put into words what that something is? I can’t really do it without putting down this person which is what I’d like to avoid because This “something wrong” is pretty rampant among quite a lot ofChristians and I’m actually referring to this as a General thing about Christians that can be such a turn off.

* I bet Amanda ONG is cringing as she reads the above conversation. *

Mahatma Gandhi said , “iF it weren’t for Christians I’d be a Christian”

I decided to find the applicable definitions for “nice person”

Nice: . 1. Pleasing and agreeable in nature

2. Exhibiting courtesy and politeness

3. of good character and reputation

4. Having a pleasant or attractive appearance

Person :

according to wikipedia, the term person in common usage means an individual human.

(obviously THAT is the context of the word in the term ‘nice person’)

so tell me ., my dear and beloved readers. Christian and Non-christian, bASed on the common definitions above, is it NOT possible to be a NICE PERSON?

*feedback on this entry is Really welcome And would be very much appreciated as i really want to know what other people think. so Do drop me a msg on facebook or an email because i know that its VERY hard to drop a comment in a Friendster blog unless your signed into friendster, * thanks!

abdominal Turmoil

Let me describe the Pain as I’m feeling it right now. It feels like my guts are going to drop out. Ohhh the PAIN!!! -_-

It’s worst than giving birth because when in labour your given anesthetics, And your secure in the knowledge that eventually a baby is going to come out to make it all worth it. The only thing that comes out from Menstrual Pain is Blood.

I Realise that the magnitude of abdominal cramps and other menstrual related Pains are often unappreciated by the more lucky people who Don’t get them or don’t get them badly. The idea is “Ceyh period pain only mar. not fever, not gastric”.

So what’s the big deal?

Ok it’s a BIG DEAL. Hurts super bad. This is not a scheme to get sympathy. Heard the phrase “Gut Wrenching”??

This is Exactly what gut wrenching must feel like.

And it’s not just confined to the stomach area, other areas affected as well which I’m not going to elaborate on. ..

And I’ve come to a stage of discomfort that I’ve lost my appetite for lunch and I can’t even have a nap because of the pangs in my stomach.

Yes I know it’s not cancer, it’s not gastric. But the fact is,it can be Crippling. So have a little empathy here can?